New Event

/join Morbid / Morbidmerge Help Kaede defeat the Living Cthulu Guardian Of The Morbid Mountain to make a statement to the Undeads of the Deep!

Competition,Competition and Competition!!!

Hey Guys, there's a competition going on in Staffs ,Helpers and YouTubers
About Staffs competition:
There'll be a poll  every week about which event was the best in the week!! and most voted event win and event maker get extra money for his work in other words he/she get tip.
About Helpers competition:
There'll be a poll  every week too for helpers about which helper was most active in the week!! and winners decided by votes and Helpers Logs, and Winners Will get Special Reward.
About YouTubers competition:
Now youtubers have to make videos about every events and other thing about venture worlds and atleast 2 videos in a week for become a part of this competition or participated, and Winners Will get Special Reward. So Ventures competition start from next week and competition held every week so be ready to vote.

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NEW EVENT: /join ShadowVault

/join ShadowVault 
The Pthumerian Princess needs your help by cleaning the place up, if you know what i mean! 

Also Everyone, there's a competition going on, there'll be a poll soon or next week about which event was the best in the week!! please keep in mind as you grind the event!

NEW EVENT: Volcanotraining

New Hell Tier Event - /join Volcanotraining 

Total Rounds = 6 
Round1 - 100 Monster kill 
Round2 - 200 Monster Kill 
Round3 - 300 Monster Kill 
Round4 - 450 Monster Kill 
Round5 - 550 Monster Kill 
Round6 - 1 Boss Kill - Drop Egg Yolk ... to get Venture GoldEgg at Quest need 3 egg yolk 

Venture WhiteEgg can be get at converting Kill Points 
sample Merge at map


NEW EVENT: LORD VALOTH — NEW MAP & SHOP — NEW FARMABLE ITEMS — /JOIN LORDVALOTH Note: The items will be rare after a week and it will be replaced by new items.

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