/join Necroinvasion A group of undeads are trying to take over a part one of venture's beautiful terrains!, stop them by all means!
New Event -/join Queensreign Battle the Chaos Inhabiters of ChaosReach and meet the unknown assassin known as Jeanne Reiss
Welcome to the Shadow Realm, hero! If you’ve come to get away from the nightmarish creatures who invaded the Harvest Feast, you’ve come to the wrong place. Every shadow holds a terrifying beast here. Hollowborn DreamWalkers captured THIS beast following them as they returned to our dimension. Since you are here… want to do some post-Feast training?

/join GENKAN The Crystallis is an organization which governs this world or should I say, this version of Akiba.
 It’s leader is the Archivist, she maintains the order of this world. The fact that you’re here though means that something’s off. 
Well let's not drown ourselves in politics. Lets just sit back and relax in the Onsen.

Uh oh! Crystallis soldiers! I… uh… wonder what they want! We can’t let them catch us! Trust me! You are going to have to hold them off until the train arrives! Those Soldiers will keep coming unless we take out the one leading them! They must be hiding at the front of the train!
Economy Statistic
Average Users Gold: 5,056,367
Average Users Coins: 1,248,540