New Event: River !
Hello there, friend! I'm Peter Noggle, expert fisherman... But my friends just call me Pete. If you were lookin' for a nice spot to cast your line, then you're a little too late.
New Event: Cyberchip!
There's a class called GunsHunter that waits for you on Cyberchip, she's hardly mastered, so you want to try her luck and master her?
New Event: Citadel !
Two new conquest is in citadel, did you like those achievements that are in the picture below? Also has shop and merge shop. A rocky mountain path that is ruled over by magic-loathing Grand Inquisitor.

New Event : Uchiha!
Welcome to The Arena. I'm Sasuke Uchiha, the legendary shinobi from the Leaf Village, who brought honor back to the Legendary Uchiha Clan. I came here because we'd heard that a new tailed beast was born, and has been causing problems. However, we've trapped him in The Arena. If you can defeat him a few times, He'II be weak enough for us to bring him back to the village and tame him. Also, if you bring me some of his Chakara... I have some gear I can give you.
Island Beach
It's happening now the new Island Beach event, there are several pirates, sea monsters and other very strange monsters ... Sum Bearm needs your help to stop these monsters before they end up dominating your beach, which is not now Plus a beach, is an island of pirates.
Economy Statistic
Average Users Gold: 5,067,341
Average Users Coins: 1,248,483